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Preparation & Integration

Being True To You provides preparation and integration coaching to support addiction recovery and/or psycho spiritual healing no matter what type of treatment or medicine you choose. As a client, you are given a full-spectrum of skills training to prepare you for recovery, healing, and the transformative experiences you need to move forward.

Being True To You attracts a large number of individuals using a variety of different transformational tools and alternative medicines as a means of psycho-spiritual growth and healing. These transpersonal adventures of self-discovery can be profoundly life-changing experiences, and we provide the preparation and integration services that are essential for success.

Preparation encompasses several elements and guides you in:

– Achieving the proper attitude and mindset
– Understanding your role in preparing for transformational work
– Nourishing and strengthening the body
– Cleaning up your environments & preparing your life for change
– Structuring your time and responsibilities with a step-by-step plan
– Establishing new standards in various areas, such as relationships
– Planning for long-term aftercare by identifying needs, goals, and supports
– Staying alert, present, open and trusting during your journey
– Understanding the subconscious and tuning into your true self

Integration follows after your treatment experience and/or transformational depth work to assimilate your learnings into your daily life.

Integration coaching is designed to keep you moving forward by:

– Drawing insights and meaning from your work
– Turning those into action steps for change
– Forming commitments that you enact in your life
– Following a daily regimen and creating healthy habits
– Cleaning up messes and upsets, and making amends
– Improving performance and achieving goals
– Connecting with a support community
– Acquiring navigation skills, coping skills, and grounding techniques
– Staying with the introspective depth work in a sustainable way


There are not sufficient words for it.  Absolutely amazing and wonderful experience.”

Through Being True To You I’ve developed a profound feeling of self confidence, the will to move forward from a life of feeling forever in a hole, and liberating my mind to knowing I have so much more to offer myself and the world.

“I love your program!  So much thought has gone into it, it is very impressive.”