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5-MeO DMT Integration Coaching

Unlocking transformation with Being True To You’s coaching services to support holistic healing and lasting life changes

About Integration Coaching

Integration coaching is the vital bridge that propels the transformative power of 5-MeO DMT experiences into your mind and life. While the journey itself is profound, the true magic lies in the art of integration. At Being True To You, we are dedicated to ensuring that your 5-MeO DMT experiences lead to lasting insights, personal growth, and tangible results. Much like the way a river carves its path through the land, your 5-MeO DMT journey can reshape your life’s course. Yet, the full extent of these benefits emerges when you embark on the journey of integration which is why It Just Is proudly partners with Being True To You to offer 5-MeO journeys with the utmost integrity and client care.

About Being True To You

Since 2010, Being True To You has been pioneering a unique approach to preparation and integration coaching for those navigating the world of psychoactive experiences. Our seasoned coaches are here to guide you through your healing journey, providing transformational, holistic, and integrative coaching entirely through virtual video or phone sessions

At Being True To You, we help you achieve lasting, positive change. We understand that transformation is a process, one that requires time, commitment, and unwavering support. Our work is dedicated to guiding individuals and groups through the profound journey of personal transformation and the cultivation of their True Self. We embrace clients from diverse worldviews and backgrounds, creating a non-judgemental, inclusive space for every unique experience or shift that may occur during your 5-MeO DMT treatments. Our commitment extends to fostering safety, accountability, consistency, hospitality, and impeccable communication within the alternative health industry.

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