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how to self motivate

Motivation is the internal energy that fuels external movement, or the thoughts that inspire actions. Motivation comes from the mind even though it is often felt in the body. To learn how to self motivate from within and not be affected by things outside, evolve your mindset and lifestyle to support increased motivation.

Low motivation occurs for many reasons including lack of confidence, clarity, inspiration, knowhow, etc. Over time these obstacles can create negative or heavy thoughts and emotions that make one feel stuck or wanting to give up. Instead of taking that route, focus on your value, strengths, successes, and your ability to overcome and achieve.

It is important to examine your own way of being to better understand what works and does not work as motivation for you, and you can also use the following suggestions as a guide.

Self Motivation Tips

Set Goals: You absolutely must write out your goals with action steps. The clearer you are on paper the more organized and efficient you will be in your mind and life. You want to prioritize your actions so you know how valuable your actions are in terms of your goals. Find ways to track progress so you can see how fast little steps add up.

Know “Why:” Remembering why you want to achieve a goal can often be the exact motivation you need to keep moving forward. For example, “I will continue to save money because I want to get out of debt quickly,” or “I will keep exercising everyday because I want to feel better and be healthy.”

Evolve Mindset: You absolutely must evolve your thoughts and beliefs to support motivation. A negative and limiting mindset destroys motivation. Use fear to motivate you by focusing on the positive opposite of what you fear. Motivation comes from positive, organized, and purposeful thoughts. Choose to be motivated.

Energize Body: Stay active and keep your body moving. Find hands-on and physical things you enjoy doing and do them. Stretch, walk, swim, bike, hike, etc. Wear your tennis shoes; this really helps motivate me. Be willing to change, act, and move.

Continue to Learn: In order for your brain to move on to bigger and better things you will need ongoing positive stimulation. You can read self-help and spiritual books, watch inspiring documentaries/movies, join community clubs or volunteer, learn from others, and in general explore your inner body and outer world.

Inspiring People: Hang out with positive people with a purpose. Spend time around people who seek higher consciousness, who seek ways to create positive change, take advantage of opportunities to help others, and add value to the world. Hang out with people you want to be like.

Positive Environments: Keep your home and work environments clean, organized, positive, friendly, and inspiring. Use music, candles, books, plants, mirrors, etc. to stimulate scenery; use anything that puts a smile on your face. Set boundaries with people who disrupt the peace and organization.

Solve Problems: Do not allow frustrations, tolerations, conflict, or any issues to build. Identify problems immediately and then only focus on the solution thereafter. You can improve or change anything you want so why wouldn’t you.

Keep Going: There is a reason we have many years to live. Life is a journey! It is not what happens in life that affects you; it is your perception of what happens that affects you. Stay connected to your passion, purpose, & mission within and do not let anything outside affect you long. Take one step at a time, learn how to self motivate, and train yourself to complete tasks.