How To Release Endorphins | Being True To You How To Release Endorphins | Being True To You

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Did you know that the cravings or temptations you have in life are not what they seem to be? While you might think you are craving something habitual like sugar, foods, gaming, internet, cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, sex, or other unhealthy habits, it is really not these actual substances or behaviors that you want. It is the feeling that you want from the substance or behavior and that feeling comes when endorphins are released.

If you are using an unhealthy approach to release endorphins, or if you are ready to get out of an addiction, you can change what you’re doing by finding healthy ways to release endorphins. You will not be able to stop one approach until you find another approach that satisfies you.

There are so many ways to release endorphins. You release endorphins when you are happy, when you are active, when you are social, when you are learning, when you are positive, when you step outside of your comfort zone, and when you do things that are healthy and help you feel good.

Healthy Ways to Release Endorphins:

Choose positivity:

• Think positively about yourself, others, life, and possibility
• Smile and say “hello,” stand up straight & walk with purpose
• Do things you love to do, things that make you happy & feeling good
• Find ways to laugh, smile, and have fun
• Give to others each day; open doors, give up your seat, give a compliment, etc

Get active:

• Create meaning and express yourself through art
• Listen to music, play music, dance & sing
• Engage in hands-on projects, hobbies, and activities
• Play sports, games, and put together puzzles
• Be in nature with plants, animals and elements like water, fire & earth

Nurture yourself:

• Meditate and listen to the stillness and silence
• Practice yoga, martial arts, or another cultivation practice
• Exercise and be active, keep your body and blood flowing
• Eat healthy snacks and raw foods, spicy foods are good too
• Get a massage, take a hot bath, go for a walk in the sunshine

Evolve your mindset:

• Read, study, and learn something; solve problems and find solutions
• Talk back to negative thoughts/emotions; train your brain to serve you
• Practice mindfulness, appreciation, and presence
• Visualize your dreams coming true, use your imagination
• Converse with positive people; co-create change with others

It just so happens that through all these ways to release endorphins, you are also finding relief from the daily stressors and frustrations that lead to unhealthy habits in the first place. You can improve yourself and your life by looking for healthy ways to release endorphins and find relief. What other methods help you release endorphins each day?