How To Love Yourself | Being True To You How To Love Yourself | Being True To You

All good things come through self-love, but this love is often hard to find or lost in the abyss of addiction. The only way to reconnect with this love, receive this love, feel this love, heal through love, and radiate this love, is to learn to love yourself again. Self-love can simply mean an interest in one’s own wellbeing and development, and an admiration for one’s self.

People who love themselves typically exhibit certain characteristics. They protect their mind and seek higher intelligence and truth, and they nurture their bodies through pure foods & lots of exercise. They carry a positive attitude with a warm demeanor, have a fresh appearance and maintain clean environments. They demonstrate positive and healthy relationships that are life-giving so they remain spiritually whole and have a distinct passion and purpose in life.

Tips to Love Yourself More:

  • Choose Love: Think, speak, feel and act lovingly to yourself and others. Bring joy to others with compliments, compassion, support and random acts of kindness, and embrace love from others in return.
  • Create Personal Meaning: Do things you love, live your passion, make a difference for the greater good, tune into the beauty of all things and note what you love about your life on a daily basis.
  • Be True To You: Live by your values & principles, speak your truth, trust in yourself, stand up for your beliefs, celebrate your greatness & successes and have fun with your human experience.
  • Strengthen Your Character: Accept and forgive yourself & others easily; become the person you would have to be to love yourself (i.e. honest, giving, genuine, active, etc). Practice an overall warm, open, friendly demeanor.
  • Nurture Yourself: Take care of your mind, body, and spirit. Eat healthy foods, sleep regularly, exercise daily, continue to learn & grow, and hangout with people who help you love yourself.

Know that you are always worthy of love. The thought of loving yourself can be uncomfortable or daunting at times, but anyone can achieve this feat by making a simple choice to accept and live with love. Take a look at your life and make the necessary changes to start loving yourself and all that life has to offer right now!