How To Create Change | Being True To You How To Create Change | Being True To You

Whether you are in an active addiction, are in recovery, or are simply desiring better everyday experiences, there are always changes that can be made to enhance your overall quality of life. Everyone has the ability to make improvements and create positive change in their life at anytime. In fact, humans continue to see and show that any amount of change is possible when the right conditions are met. As long as you are living within this human realm, there is nothing that says you can’t change and improve your current condition.

When it comes to change, here are some questions to ask yourself:

  • Is what I’d like to change within my control?
  • Is what I’d like to change necessary and worth the effort?
  • Is what I’d like to change positive and valuable to me and/or others?
  • Am I ready to do what it takes to create change?
  • Am I ready to let go of the stories, fears, and attachments that prevent change?

How to Create Change:

  • Increase Readiness: You must have the desire to change and faith and patience that change will happen. Be willing and confident to do what it takes to change, and be open and flexible to how change happens. Accept and appreciate what you have now in order to attract more. Stop resisting life; be in the natural flow of things and not at odds.
  • Meaning and Purpose: Know where you are going and why you seek change in order to stay committed. Identify your meaning, passion, and purpose behind your goals and actions. Connect yourself with positive forces and align your thoughts, feelings, & actions with your needs, values, & goals.
  • Eliminate Barriers: Identify excuses, limiting beliefs, and fears that stand in your way. Identify ongoing problems, frustrations, and conflicts and find resolution. Eliminate unhealthy habits and obsessive patterns that hold you back. Keep a positive mindset and hangout in positive settings so you feel supported and stimulated.
  • Take Action: Take action when action is needed. Try new and different things and step out of your comfort zone. Exercise your freedom to choose, act and change. Set goals and identify action steps so you have a clear focus and plan. Continue to evolve your mindset, lifestyle, character, relationships, etc.
  • Be True To You: Discover your true-self and your inner gifts, talents, strengths, and special qualities. Identify your unique passion and purpose in life so you are in alignment with your highest truth. Continue to learn, stimulate your mind, enhance your expertise and develop your skills. Keep momentum and perseverance to avoid falling backwards.

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