Get matched to the perfect coach for you!! No matter how stuck or hopeless you feel, how deep you’ve fallen or how big the mountain you have to climb, or how grand your passion and vision to turn things around is, we can help you get your life back on track quickly, effectively, and with the greatest outcomes possible. Transformational Recovery Coaching provides preparation and integration aftercare to support you through addiction recovery and/or psycho-spiritual transformation.


Our Coaching Programs

Transformational Addiction
Recovery Coaching

Our Addiction Recovery Coaching Program is a revolutionary approach that leads you into sobriety by changing your focus from your addiction to your wound. Our coaches and tools help you gain insight into why you are using right now. We help you take the pain and pathology around addiction and sobriety out of the equation…Read more

Psychospiritual Integration

An entheogenic journey is a profound and life-changing inner experience. Being True to You’s Psychospiritual Integration Coaching helps you to prepare ‘Set, Setting and Intention’ before the journey, gives you pointers for how to navigate and integrate the insights and awakening of your psychospiritual journey into your day to day life…..Read more

Transformational Coach
Certification Programs

Are you inspired to be of service in the rapidly growing field of addiction recovery and psychospiritual integration? Become a Certified Recovery & Integration Coach for Being True to You with our 16-part series of online classes which include Weekly Group Discussions, Hands On Training Calls and Coaching Materials. Read more

Our team of skilled coaches work with clients one-on-one and in groups through our programs for transformational recovery

“As a student coming to learn of psychedelic integration, BTTY’s coach training was hands down the most comprehensive source for breadth and depth of field knowledge, written materials and stimulating discussion. Writing my Master’s thesis on psychedelic integration, the course has provided me with a rich basis and the confidence to approach the topic as an expert-in-training, and has been pivotal in my career as a psychedelic integration coach. Deanne is one of the few individuals who can demonstrate years of experience working hands-on with clients who are integrating altered states, and shares from her well of wisdom generously. It was a professionally and soulfully expanding experience that I would highly recommend to everyone.”
-Sherree Godasi, Integrative Coach

 “BTTY’s coaching material is such a breath of fresh air, the program is fresh, full, and comprehensive. It was clear from week 1 that Deanne is a leading visionary in a field that is so ready for a new and more humane paradigm. Deanne and BTTY have encouraged me to initiate and expand my own theories of recovery, which is much easier now having such a strong foundation of knowledge and historical perspective. I’ve learned several new techniques in how to communicate and relate to those battling with addiction, those struggling with chaos, and those limited by their own beliefs. Thank you BTTY!”
-Eric Majeski, Senior Recovery Coach

“The Being True To You coach training offers fantastic teaching and lots of attentive support for new coaches. The information I learned in the course is a combination of cutting edge research, Deanne’s expert insights and expertise, and an impressive structure of ready to use material that I can offer to my BTTY clients. I give it an A+!”
-Ana Holub, Recovery Coach & Forgiveness Work

“A very well thought out program that is infused with the professionalism, deep knowledge, passion and commitment of Deanne to the BTTY recovery method. I gained communication skills, technique and the confidence to start recovery coaching for myself and family members and clients. I found it to be an intense transformational journey in itself, as the knowledge I gained resonated change in myself. I felt very emotionally aligned with the whole program.”
-Deva Nirguna, Family & Recovery Coach

“The BTTY Recovery Coaching program is informative, empowering, and highly collaborative. Not only is the initial 25 module program incredibly detailed, the ongoing weekly training calls ensure that all BTTY coaches are supported and up-to-date on new recovery coaching techniques. I can’t recommend it highly enough!”
-Lori Losch, Recovery Coach

“I understand now how addiction is so much broader than chronic substance abuse, it is the energy of unconscious habits that permeates our lives in so many ways. The wisdom and methods in the BTTY teachings are powerful tools to transmute this stagnant energy and I have been steadily applying them since the course began. I love how the path to being a great coach, in this case, is the path to becoming a great human. I am excited and determined to embody these teachings and share them with others.”
-Wesley Thoricatha, Recovery Coach

“The training with Being True To You has been, and continues to be, such a process of growth and understanding for me. It has broadened and deepened my understanding of addiction and recovery, and continues to do so as I work with the dedicated coaches at BTTY. I am continually shown how the integrity and the compassionate approach of BTTY and the coaches serves our clients and their families in recovery. The Being True To You training program provides a compassionate, whole person approach to addiction. I feel so fortunate and honored to be a part of the BTTY team and feel that I have grown as a person because of it.”
-Pamela Mullen, Family Recovery Coach

“I now understand how to serve my clients and honor their own inner wisdom to map out their own recovery plan and a life worth living. I now have the ability to coach families in healthy communication and best ways to support each other through the process of recovery. I’m up to date on the various treatment options including plant medicines and how to best support my clients before and after their chosen experiences to reintegrate into their daily lives. I’ve been given the opportunity to become a part of the team and know that we are going to be serving the world in a really HUGE way!”
-Damon Dickinson, Recovery Coach

Our recovery coaching is available to all who seek to overcome hard or soft addictions, or any other inner affliction that brings stress and suffering.

Deanne Adamson, Founder