Group Coaching

For the past 8 years we’ve been coaching people and their family members through the addiction recovery and psychospiritual growth process. Over time we have seen the immense power that coaching provides when people are ready for real change, willing to put forth consistent effort and intention, and needing a dedicated guide to initiate and maintain the process of personal transformation. Yet, as powerful as the coaching relationship is, we have also seen that other types of connection, accountability, and camaraderie can greatly increase the odds that someone will stay true to their goals and make real, lasting change.

In the traditional recovery industry, this need is met by 12-step groups such as AA and NA meetings, and while many people benefit from these meetings, they are not for everybody. In the world of underground psychedelic use and above-ground psychedelic retreat centers, people usually have integration circles or activities after their medicine journeys, but these are often only 1-time meetings or very short lived. The truth is, people who are initiating a process of genuine change- whether it be for addiction recovery or psycho-spiritual growth- need a consistent place where they can “find others” and feel community and kinship with people who are on a similar path.

At Being True To You, our answer to this deep need for community and accountability is our Group Coaching program. These weekly group calls take place over the Zoom video conferencing app, allowing people to access by phone or by the internet for video and audio or audio only. Each meeting is lead by a Being True To You certified coach, and attended by people who are in our coaching program, those who have signed up for a Group Coaching subscription, and often other Being True To You coaches. Over the years we have found that these weekly virtual meetings are profoundly impactful, they create a safe space for people to share, be vulnerable, meet friends, learn new things about recovery and integration, and feel that they belong to a larger network of support.

Many of our Group Coaching calls have been going on for years with great success and a dedicated community of attendees, but starting Fall we are very excited to be expanding our offerings by starting new themed classes, which are listed below. Keep in mind that anyone who signs up for BTTY coaching or the Group Coaching membership can attend as many classes & discussions per week that they want- that’s 8+ hours a week or 32+ hours a month with our current schedule, which is bound to grow even more in the future. Check out the schedule below for more details, and if you are new to our community and interested in a Group Coaching membership, click the button below.


Weekly Class Schedule

Heart-Centered Communication Salon
When: Monday 5:00-6:00 PM PDT
Host: John Bodine, BTTY Senior Coach

DESCRIPTION: This group is about learning heart-centered communication. This communication style will help you move away from communication styles that control yourself and others and move towards a communication style of relating. The salon format allows you to show up and practice communication with others, listen with the body and the heart, share whatever arises, and hold space for each other as we practice being vulnerable, authentic, and alive.

Women’s Group Coaching
When: Tuesday 9:00-10:00 AM PDT
Host: Anie Boudreau, BTTY Senior Coach

DESCRIPTION: The women’s group supports women through the transformational process, through addiction recovery and psycho-spiritual healing, and through sacred medicine integration. The topics are not limited but are focused. Subjects are deep, informative, collaborative, integrative, connective.

Recovery Wellness Group
When: Tuesday 12:00-1:00 PM PDT
Host: Jennifer Bruce, BTTY Coach

DESCRIPTION: The nutritional group is all about nutrition, the role of nutrition in our lives, getting the right foods and nutrients for your body type, understanding the role of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids, incorporating supplements, toxic foods to avoid, protecting the gut biome and reducing inflammation, and using nutritional protocols for healing and health.

Morning Yoga Group
When: Wednesday 9:00-10:00 AM PDT
Host: Anie Boudreau, BTTY Senior Coach

DESCRIPTION: This group hosts yoga sessions on video. You can attend by video or audio, and follow along with the yoga sessions. There will be instruction and yoga therapy tied into this class, as well as body awareness and attention to breath exercises.

Emotions Support Group
When: Wednesday 10:00-11:00 AM PDT
Host: Ana Holub, BTTY Senior Coach

DESCRIPTION: There is no escaping emotions in the process of healing, recovery, and transformation. This group deals with emotions, helping you to identify what emotions are coming up for you, how this feels in your body, how it influences your mind, and how certain emotional patterns show up in your life. In this group you will learn how to work with difficult emotions, understand your emotional body, and soothe your daily emotional experiences.

Integration Group Coaching
When: Wednesday 5:00-6:00 PM PDT
Host: Eric Majeski, BTTY Senior Coach

DESCRIPTION: This group supports the integration following psychedelic or other very powerful experiences, in support of addiction recovery and psycho-spiritual healing. Most members have incorporated plant medicine into their recovery and healing journeys. This group is about integration, which crosses over into all areas of personal growth, so all are welcome!

Roadmap to Recovery Group
When: Thursday 9:00-11:00 PM PDT
Host: Kayci Mitchell, BTTY Senior Coach

DESCRIPTION: This is an addiction recovery course, 2-hour weekly meetup. This group hosts weekly, 1 of the 8 levels in our own Roadmap to Recovery course, followed by an open discussion and collaborative hour. This 8-level course goes through all the major steps and elements universally involved in a person’s recovery from addiction. Through the course lectures, community discussions, and level-exercises, you get the chance to customize your own roadmap to recovery. This is a fun course, highly informative, and life-changing for everyone who goes through it. You don’t have to be undergoing major addiction to join, the course can be relevant to working through life in general, after all, everyone has some kind of addiction.

Family Recovery Group
When:Thursday 4:00-5:00 PM PDT
Host: Pam Mullen, BTTY Senior Coach

DESCRIPTION: The group is for family members supporting loved ones through addiction or other chronic condition or situation. When addiction or ongoing suffering is present in the family dynamic and or household, it affects everyone. This group is about finding your power to create positive change, learning about family recovery, and identifying positive support roles.

​Men’s Group Coaching
When: Friday 1:00-2:00 AM PDT
Host: Tyler Fink, BTTY Senior Coach

DESCRIPTION: The men’s group supports men through the transformational process, through addiction recovery and psycho-spiritual healing, and through sacred medicine integration. The topics are not limited but are focused. Subjects are deep, informative, collaborative, integrative, connective.