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Roadmap to recovery

It is not easy finding your way out of addiction, let alone choosing the program that is right for you. There are tens of thousand of of addiction detox centers, inpatient residential programs, IOP or outpatient programs, sober living facilities, and medication-assisted programs for the treatment of addiction. There are a growing number of alternative addiction treatment options, such as Ibogaine treatment, NAD treatment, holistic treatments, and harm reduction treatments. There are alternative recovery programs popping up in the field of addiction recovery coaching, personal development and self-help, meditation and yoga programs, yoga therapy, pain management, and countless local and online recovery support groups. And there are many brain training and recovery applications. So which one is the best- or rather- the best one for you?

The “Minnesota Model” still leads the pack with its famous 28-day addiction detox and rehab program matched with 12-step meetings. Pharmaceuticals too have become an addiction treatment norm and expectation. Treatment for addiction can be very costly financially, emotionally, physically, and spiritually, but not taking action will often cost a lot more in the long run. Admitting that you need help to get out of the grips of addiction, and making the right decision for your addiction treatment and recovery plan is key.

It is time experts share the right information and complete picture about addiction and recovery so you can become well-informed about your options. The most effective addiction treatment is not always obvious; in fact, solutions for addiction are often misleading. Investing your time, energy, and money into an addiction treatment program that isn’t right for you can cost you years in grief, relapse, and added debt. Agreeing to take medications that you don’t need can create many more problems and be their own detriments to your wellbeing, recovery, and life.


Beating Addiction on Your Terms

At Being True To You we are now hosting a free webinar so we can share the truth from our vantage point about what your options are when seeking help for addiction. We have listened to our clients over the years, and are not afraid to get real about what is missing and needed to overcome addiction. We’ve discovered many very harmful misconceptions about addiction treatment and many secrets to a successful recovery that are not being shared with the public. Addiction treatment and big pharma is a billion dollar industry that holds the focus on standardized medical treatment for addiction. ignoring alternative and holistic recovery options. What we have seen is that the answers people need are rarely if ever discussed in the mainstream discourse around addiction recovery.

Our free webinar How to Beat Addiction on Your Terms shares these misconceptions and secrets about addiction and recovery so you can make a well-thought-out decision with confidence. The webinar training speaks to our “Roadmap to Recovery” starter course, which provides you the opportunity and guidance to draft your own intuitive plan for recovery. You can include or not include any variation of recovery and developmental supports into your plan. If addiction detox is needed, great. Choose the right one for you. If extended care is warranted, great. Choose the right option for you. The power of our approach to addiction recovery is that you have an immense say in how it look, what you focus on, and what supports will help you most. Our Roadmap to Recovery course is a way to save time, energy, and money by designing a strategy that makes sense to you. Everyone has different lessons and different needs through addiction and recovery. Only you know what your pathway to a successful recovery would have to look like for you to take it seriously.

Without a recovery strategy, you can expect to face a huge number of setbacks that you could have avoided if you entered recovery prepared. You know what you’re going to get hit with; let us help you prepare, train, and equip you with the right information, right approach, and right supports and accountability to endure the challenges and pass your tests. If you’re ready to get things right in recovery, join our free addiction recovery webinar today.