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healthy habits

A healthy life requires healthy habits and routines. To develop healthy habits you must first assess your current habits and routines, and then formulate a plan to update and evolve them to best reflect your passion, purpose, and mission. Identify your needs and what your ideal reality looks like. Set goals and brainstorm action steps to achieve your desired results. Replace destructive, unhealthy, limiting and negative thought patterns and behaviors with new healthy and positive habits.

Tips to Form Healthy Habits:

  1. Make a list of all your habits including obsessive thought patterns, small tendencies & obsessions, behaviors & actions, morning, day & evening routines, and typical response & reacting patterns.
  2. Describe your comfort zone. This includes all the things you do every day, the things you are most likely to do with your spare time, the places you are most content, etc.
  3. Put the above answers into 3 lists: 1-bad habits that need to go, 2-neutral habits that are not good or bad, and 3-good habits that directly add value to your goals.
    • For list 1 identify the needs underlying the bad habits. Why did you start this habit and what does it provide    you? Choose a good habit that could replace the bad habit and fulfill the same need.
    • For list 2 think about ways to evolve these habits so you get more value out of them (i.e. stretch while              watching tv, or practice patience while driving).
    • For list 3 add to it; brainstorm additional habits that are positive, valuable, life-giving, and help you learn,        grow, and feel good.
  4. Create daily routines and put your new habits in them. Your routine should reflect your needs, values, goals, and passions. Include things you enjoy & that feel good, daily tasks & responsibilities, action steps toward goals, healthy eating habits, exercise & movement, relaxation & meditation, connecting with others, regular sleep patterns, and new & different things.

You may create one or more routines, such as one for work days and one for personal days. These routines are templates to keep your mind stimulated, inspired, and motivated. They are not designed to create rigidity. It is important to also be flexible and spontaneous. Call or email us today for additional support on forming and maintaining healthy habits!