Embracing a New You | Being True To You Embracing a New You | Being True To You

a new you

Anytime you feel stuck it is time to embrace a new you! Conditioning of the material world has taught you to carry your stories of yesterday (the past) into today (your present) as well as into tomorrow (your future). These past stories continue to manifest into your life keeping you in a holding pattern. If you’re unhappy with any part of your present reality, chances are you’re holding on to a part of your past. The solution is to let go of the past story to embrace a new you.

Whether you are feeling stuck in a rut, down in the dumps, tired and fatigued, unaccomplished or overwhelmed, confused or lost, depressed or anxious, stressed or tense, fearful or worried, angry or resentful, jealous or envious, insecure or unstable, unhealthy or in pain, or any other unwanted feeling, it likely relates to a past experience you’ve held onto as a story and continued to carry.

For example, let’s say you’re having difficulty following through on getting a job. Mentally this is bringing up fears that you will fail, emotionally this is causing uneasiness, and physically this is creating fatigue. As a result this is creating resistance and leading to self-sabotage. This is what is happening on the surface. But where do the fear, uneasiness, fatigue, and resistance come from?

Looking closer you see there are a variety of past experiences where you dropped out of your commitment early, or failed to follow through to an end. You have unintentionally carried this personal story within your subconscious so now anytime you want something the fear of failure surfaces leading to self-sabotage.

Embracing a new you requires letting go of the old you. This means you must literally consciously choose to let go of the stories, labels, and patterns that prevent you from being who you want to be right now.

Identify the Stories:

  • Make a list of fears and areas of resistance
  • Make a list of themes in your life
  • Make a list of things you think and say about yourself
  • Make a list of personal characteristics and labels
  • Identify the stories you’re carrying within all of this

Let Go of the Stories:

Imagine you are carrying a backpack full of bricks and each brick represents a past story that is weighing you down. Literally fill your backpack with bricks/rocks and as you take each one out consciously choose to let go of that story indefinitely. Do this until your pack is empty.

Embrace a New You:

  • Repeat daily: “I am a new person today and free to be whoever I want!”
  • Review your goals daily and choose to become the person you would have to be to achieve your goals.
  • Talk like, think like, and act like the person you choose to be.
  • Hang out with, learn from, and role model after those you respect.
  • Walk & talk with purpose, stand up straight, and embrace the new you.