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Lori Losch, Being True To You Coach

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My journey to becoming a coach really began when I was in college and had my first ever bulimic episode. 


I believe that no life experiences are ever wasted and that our biggest MESS eventually becomes our biggest MESSage. My addiction to the binge/purge cycle was definitely mine. That one night in college turned into a 25-year addiction. Sure, alcohol, drugs, smoking, and risky behaviors were also thrown into the addictive mix, but my reckless use of food was the last soldier standing. 


When I finally got clean in May of 2013, I knew that one of my life’s purposes would be to help others walk away from food and other addictions. So I wrote a book about it that became an international best seller. But I really wanted more. I wanted to help others one-on-one, not just from afar through the book. My author coach advised me to just jump right into formally coaching others. She said that my 25 years of personal experience including countless hours of psychotherapy, months in a treatment center, years in both AA and EDA groups, hundreds of hours of service work, loads of psychedelic and spiritual cleansing rituals, etc., etc., added up to more than enough experience to coach others. She said I was already an expert.

But … this did not sit well. 

My personal experience and my education in business management didn’t seem like sufficient credentials to help transform lives through addiction recovery coaching. People’s wellbeing was at stake, and I didn’t take that lightly. If I was going to truly help people walk away from addiction and create a life they loved living, I knew I had to arm myself with some real and practical tools. 

This is where Being True To You came in. 

I did a ton of research trying to find the best school out there where I could earn a transformational addiction recovery coaching certification, and all roads led to BTTY. So in 2016, I dove into the program and have never looked back. BTTY armed me with practical knowledge and skills that have helped me coach hundreds of people into freedom. The joy I feel when a client starts achieving days of abstinence is immeasurable. And when she begins to string days and weeks and years together, free of her eating disorder and other maladaptive behaviors, well, it’s simply my happy place. 

Receiving emails from clients like, “It’s always super refreshing and soothing experience talking to you! I was slowly killing myself, but you have helped me get back on a better path! Thank you, Lori!” And, “I have some pretty mind-blowing news. I made it through 30 days totally free of alcohol and purging. Everyday you are on my gratitude list! Thank you for making this new life possible. You were right, it’s so awesome.” And, “This has been my best recovery year yet, and I wanted to let you know your coaching worked! Whatever you kick started in me seems to be working subconsciously or otherwise. Your coaching has had a long-lasting effect. I feel like a kid who’s been shown how to ride a bike!” 

This type of one-on-one client coaching is only a small part of what BTTY offers. Group coaching classes are also included in a BTTY package. Weekly groups include Heart-Centered Communication, Mindfulness and Meditation, Entheogen Preparation and Integration, Family Member Support Groups, and more. But I would say my absolute favorite session is the Thursday Peer Mentoring call for BTTY coaches only. During this confidential Zoom chat, we can anonymously present a challenging case to our fellow coaches. We then brainstorm strategies to best help the client. They are incredibly powerful and truly provide us an opportunity to use our communal wisdom to then help and love the heck out of our people. It’s magical. 

Knowing that my act of service through coaching is helping transform lives is a complete and total gift. I love what I do and will forever be grateful for my struggles in and out of addiction, as they have allowed me to be an empathetic ear and a valuable resource for my clients. I will also be forever grateful for the BTTY course, the BTTY resources, and the BTTY coaching community. Together, we really are helping people not only survive their addictions, but THRIVE their lives. And I feel like we’re just getting started! 

About Lori:

Lori is a life long spiritual seeker, health/wellness researcher, entrepreneur, and adventure enthusiast who found herself in the throws of alcoholism and bulimia in her early twenties. While 4.5 years in AA solved the former, she spent the next 25 years trying to recover from the latter. A feat she finally accomplished on May 9th, 2013.

Her overarching philosophy is that our biggest MESS can become our biggest MESSage so she believes that those struggling with addiction are beautifully sensitive souls and incredibly courageous survivors who will eventually become victorious and help facilitate change for others. She coaches her clients to see this through her own practice, Rather than Rehab Addiction Recovery Coaching, and by working with Being True To You Recovery Coaching clients. Lori helps people remember who they really are without the mask of addiction. She also helps clients discover who they want to become, and then provides tools and accountability so they can reach that vision.

Lori brings a quarter century of experience with addiction and recovery, her lifetime of personal growth training, as well a highly intuitive nature to help clients reach freedom from their addictions. Her bestselling books include Rather than Rehab: Quit Bulimia & Upgrade Your Life and Safes Souls: Transforming Relationships Through the Power of Kind, Clean & Clear Communication. She also wrote an award-winning chapter in Jack Canfield’s bestseller, The Soul of Success: The World’s Leading Entrepreneurs & Professionals Reveal Their Core Strategies for Getting to the Heart of Health, Wealth & Success.

Her areas of focus are bulimia, binge eating disorder, and alcoholism, and coaching clients from “survival to thrival” is Lori’s honor and privilege. She lives with her husband, Ken, and their two rescue dogs in Phoenix, AZ and Vancouver, BC. (Guess which one she avoids in the summertime?) 😉

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