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clearing negative energy

The human body is made of up energy; you might only see your physical body but really you are a big ball of energy. Every thought, feeling, and experience you have ever had sits within your energetic field until you clear it. Negative energy that is not cleared weighs you down and manifests into mental, emotional, physical, social, and lifestyle problems.

What is negative energy? Negative energy are those energies that disrupt harmony, prevent the natural flow of healing, put a dark film over everything that is light, and lead to dis-ease, pain, and suffering. Examples of negative energies are: shame, guilt, apathy, despair, blame, sadness, fear, anxiety, resentment, revenge, anger, rage, jealousy, arrogance, denial, judgment, trauma, pain, obsession, and addiction.

Where does negative energy come from? Negative energy comes from fear and then splinters off into all the examples you see above. Although many external sources carry negative energy, the most important negative energy to understand is that which you carry. Negative energy is alive and thrives on the attention you give it.

How do I know if I am carrying negative energy? Negative energy is dark and dense and does not feel good. It may feel tense, painful, and/or heavy, and continues to manifest into emotional and physical pain causing breakdowns throughout your life.

What is the cost of carrying negative energy? The most difficult aspect about negative energy (let’s say carrying resentment) is that by the time it manifests (let’s say into stomach problems) you have no idea where it came from, so you have no idea how to fix it.

Tips to clear negative energy:
• Become aware of the unwanted, invaluable, and negative energy
• Set conscious intentions to end the relationship with these energies
• Tune into your body & pinpoint the negative energy (i.e. pain/tension)
• Use your hands & visualize yourself pulling out these energies
• Say out loud, “I end my relationship to you ‘depression.’”
• Continue to monitor and journal things that trigger you to bring out truth
• Ask questions “Why does this trigger/hurt me?” to find core problem
• Pay attention to negative and stressful patterns to increase awareness
• Do things you love, listen to music, start hand’s on projects, dance & laugh
• Visualize golden sunshine around your body and home
• Connect with natural elements like water, plants, & earth to purify
• You can even use sage, crystals, & candles (do your research)
• Clean and organize your house & move things around (look up feng shui)