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building character

The quality of your character directly influences the quality of your life. Your character is who you are when you’re alone, it is who you are with others, and it is how you react in every situation. Your character does not necessarily represent the true you underneath. Your character includes every aspect of you that has been conditioned through your experiences as a defense to get by. As you and your goals evolve your character needs to evolve to support your desired change and growth. Successful people have strong characters based on truth and morality.

To begin building character, start by studying your characteristics to see where you are at. You will see that human characteristics run on a continuum with opposite ends of extremes- a low vibrational extreme and a high vibrational extreme. The further you move on these continuums toward the positive ends, the more health, happiness, and success you will see. Your reality is a byproduct of you; evolve the characteristics that make up your human self and your world will automatically evolve. The work happens within you.

Rate yourself on the continuums below. These characteristics outline the difference between unsuccessful and successful people. Where on these continuums does your character sit? The further you develop your character to the right, the more happiness and success you will see!

Character Continuums

Pointless——————Purpose          (How much purpose and meaning is in your daily choices?)
Undirected—————Direction          (Do you know where you are going?)
Doubt———————-Faith                 (How much faith do you have in yourself and in your life?)
Closed———————Openness        (How open are you to change?)
Distant——————–Connected        (How authentic, genuine, and vulnerable are you with others?)
Dishonest—————-Truth                 (What is the value of your word, your intentions?)
Insecure——————Self-worth        (How much love, acceptance, and faith do you have for yourself?)
Resistance—————Acceptance     (Are you in the flow of life or against the grain?)
Immature—————-Responsible     (Do you take responsibility for the outcomes in your life?)
Negativity—————-Optimism         (Do you focus on the negative or positive side of things?)
Cold———————–Warm                 (Are you warm and friendly or cold and apathetic to other people?)

Your Challenge: Just like a character in a movie or video game, your job is also to strengthen and build your character. Tune into your character and pay attention to who you are in each moment. How do you react to situations? How do you treat other people? What do people like and not like about you? Do you connect well with others? It is your awareness and consciousness to your character alone that empowers you in building character.