Being True To You and The Avante Institute

Ibogaine Integration Coaching

Being True To You’s coaching services support holistic healing and lasting life changes through transformational experiences like Ibogaine treatment.

Integration Coaching

Whether you are coming to Ibogaine treatments to overcome an addiction, improve emotional health, manage pain, find greater psycho-spiritual fulfillment, or a different reason, no company understands the process of integrating transformational experiences as well as Being True To You. We are honored to partner with The Avante Institute to support you before and after this transformational retreat experience. The process is unique, may be uncomfortable, and can bring up many different emotions and experiences. Our coaches are highly skilled and receive continual training in guiding people through the Ibogaine process to help clients understand and integrate the insights into their lives for sustained change.

Client Intake Form

To get paired with the best-matched coach and get started on your coaching sessions, please answer the following questions about yourself. Be as detailed as you are comfortable to share. All information is confidential and shared only with your coach.