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Addiction Recovery 

Being True to You’s virtual Addiction Recovery Coaching Program is a revolutionary approach to facing addiction that is based on “transformational recovery.” The transformational recovery model focuses on the “opportunity” of recovery more than the dis-ease and unfortunate circumstance of addiction. The program is designed to be fun, activating, motivating, life-changing, practical, and customizable. It is proven that through personal transformation a person CAN naturally mature out of their addiction and achieve success far beyond sobriety on their own terms.

It is clear that one cannot buy, medicate, or will their way out of addiction, a person must awaken, heal, and develop their way out of addiction. Recovery is a process of transforming oneself internally and externally. While there are many treatments, techniques, and technologies available to help interrupt addiction, long-term success comes through the perseverance and commitment to the long-game. Recovery is a marathon and we refer to the training process as “integration.”

Through our continuum-of-care model, coaches work with clients individually and in groups to integrate new insights and positive changes into their daily life. Regardless of treatment approach, coaching provides the ongoing truth-conversations, strategic planning, structure and accountability, life-skills training, and safe and trusted confidant and community to work through the fears, pains, wounds, and burdens that underlie addiction. Treatment of any kind is not enough, recovery is a long-game requiring 1-3 years of support.

The Being True To You model and coaching team helps you gain insight into the nature of your addiction and what is perpetuating addiction. By understanding the underlying factors and roles that addiction fulfills, you come to see what your unique roadmap to recovery will look like. Through the program you strategically design a new daily discipline that supports you holistically so you can create the conditions to naturally up-level your life on your terms, incorporating whatever treatments, techniques, and technologies you see fit.

The recovery process becomes the same journey of your true self as you discover a greater purpose for your human experience.

Our Addiction Recovery Program includes:

  1. Pre-sobriety training leading up to treatment
  2. Aftercare integration to solidify positive changes
  3. Guidance through each phase of recovery

*See Coaching Plans for additional features
*See Roadmap to Recovery for your online addiction recovery course

Support for Family Members

Coaching plans include family support as family recovery is closely interconnected with individual recovery. Our family program offers education, training, and problem-solving regarding addiction and family recovery. This includes guidance on supporting roles, important boundaries, and what to consider in every situation. As family members, you are assisted in finding your center of control and points of power, learning how to protect yourself while making a positive influence in your loved one’s life.

Get Matched with the Perfect Coach for You!

No matter how stuck or hopeless you feel, how deep you've fallen or how big the mountain you have to climb, or how grand your passion and vision to turn things around is, we can help you get your life back on track quickly, effectively, and with the greatest outcomes possible.


There are not sufficient words for it.  Absolutely amazing and wonderful experience.”

Through Being True To You I’ve developed a profound feeling of self confidence, the will to move forward from a life of feeling forever in a hole, and liberating my mind to knowing I have so much more to offer myself and the world.

“I love your program!  So much thought has gone into it, it is very impressive.”